Computers also want to rest.

You were human when something strange started happening. You're awake. WHAT? This is your computer from the inside. Now you process processes while your computer is resting, playing computer games (it's not for nothing that they were called that, right?)

Receive computer signals about pressing buttons in time, repair wiring, remove dust and destroy viruses. Don't make too many mistakes! Your computer will be offended and dismiss you from work with the processor. Hold out as long as possible.

Created in 2 days for GMTK Game Jam 2023.

P. S. We realized that an important problem is the lack of tutorial, but did not have time to do it. Therefore, it will be here. During the game, events will occur that interfere with us and we must deal with them.

• Screen dimming is dust. Take a sponge and wipe it off. The main thing is to the end. Otherwise, she will quickly return. 

• Viruses - kill them with a few clicks on them. 

• Broken wires speed up the game. Quickly fix them by swiping from one end to the other. 

• Press the keys when they turn red.


help they put me in a computer and forced me to be a 31 MB

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